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How We Got Here

In 2021, a human rights lawyer and a human-centred designer came together with a seemingly impossible but powerful dream - assuring the universal accessibility and enforcement of human rights for all. 


As we headed into the Digicene, we noticed increasing violation of human rights in an increasingly digital world. People were trolled, abused, harassed, and cancelled every single day for simply being their authentic selves. 

With tech companies and governments brushing off the responsibility of protecting us, we took it upon ourselves to make things right. 

And thus, began The Rights Market.

To know about our philosophy behind The Right Market, read our White Paper.

Meet The Founders


Cee is a human-centred designer with 10 years of experience working with non-governmental organisations on issues of social justice. Quitting high school to pursue her dream of empowering marginalised sections of society, she was quite dismayed when she looked behind the veil of traditional human rights functioning. To connect people with their own rights directly became her life's purpose.


Tee is a human rights lawyer with 12 years of experience in working with grassroots organisations and people's movements.  After spending a considerable amount of time creating change at the bottom, she found the sclerosis of the legal system to be a betrayal of the ideals of the constitutional system. She had seen the highjacking of human rights by vested interests, aided by institutional frailties. She decided to take it up as a challenge to solve the human rights issue all by herself.

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