Is this real?

The Rights Market (TRM) is a speculative fiction project set in 2035, the era of the Digicene where the digital and physical worlds have become intrinsically enmeshed. In this world, where Late Late Capitalism thrives, TRM offers users a simplified, consumer-driven rights protection experience through their online retail platform where one can buy their digital and other rights. The project aims to offer a provocation designed to critically engage with the (non)universality of human rights in an increasingly digital and capitalist world, wherein it is easier to imagine the end of human rights, than the end of capitalism.

This project is created by Barabar Design, a New Delhi based design collaborative. The Rights Market is conceptualised and designed as a part of the Excavations cohort supported by The MedLab, University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Do you want this to be real?

If you were given an option to buy your rights, would you consider it?

Thanks for engaging with this provocation