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Protection from Street Harassment

Protection from Street Harassment

SKU: 364115376135191

Tired of feeling unsafe in the streets? Are you cat-called or bullied because of your identity? 

Simply looking to go out for a walk at night without fear? 


This is the right right for you! 


This right offers a 24 hour protection from street harassment (including verbal and physical harassment) for the buyer. One Rights Agent will accompany you on your public adventures for the assigned period and protect you from any physical or verbal harassment. 


Our Rights Agents have partnered with local police and extensively trained in various martial arts and carry a licensed firearm. They will offer protection from any and all forms of physical harassment as well as instant redressal if any harassment takes place. 


Note: this right is still in the beta testing phase and is only available in select locations (Parts of USA and the Island of Instagramia)



    This right is not subject to returns or refunds. 

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